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FAIRYSCOPE service is provided by EIMS 2C, a Swedish start-up that 2015 won the Skapa price in memory of Alfred Nobel for best innovation in the region where we are located, about 200 km west of Stockholm. The company were founded in 2013 by Pierre Rågstad, a entrepreneur that have visited a lot of B2B fairs worldwide and faced the problems when handling the exhibitors printed materials. Read more about EIMS 2C on our company’s webpage and our partners/references.

Our believes

We believe exhibitors have trouble evaluating the return of investment (ROI). It is a huge investment participating at events. The visitors get a lot of impressions during when attending the event, and it is very hard for the exhibitor to reach out to the visitor making a lasting impression. Exhibitors have an interest of being perceived as leading the innovation within their fields, and are interested in using digital services to reach out to customers, in addition to the traditional.

Due to the high investment and issue to evaluate ROI, organizers have trouble selling the event to the exhibitors. Organizers however recognize that digitalization enables the visitor and exhibitor to get more out of attending the event.

We believe that about 50% of the visitors that have an interest in an exhibitor don´t have contact with the sales representative in the booth. We think that the visitors should be able to gather information of interest without contact with the sales people, and still

Our eims

  • We aim to make it easier for the visitors at events to gather, share, search, access and keep updated with relevant marketing information and offers from the exhibitors.
  • We aim to increase the Return of Investment for exhibitors investing in events as a channel to spread their brands as well as information about their company, products and services.
  • We aim to decrease the environmental impact of events, and increase the satisfaction of our partners customers.

Do you share our eims?

Do you share our vision and have ideas or existing products or services that you think can link into our FAIRYSCOPE, contact us and let´s discuss how we can create value together!

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